Please stop wishing me a Happy Women’s Day

Issued in self-interest. Hello ji, I am stepping out of hibernation for a minute to make this announcement: Please stop wishing me a Happy Women’s Day. Is it just me or was Women’s Day on steroids this year? As I am on this self-imposed sabbatical from Womaning, I did not really make any extra attempts... Continue Reading →

We interrupt our regular programming for these messages.

Hello ji, This week’s main piece “Love is Love” was the 65th edition of Womaning in India. Which means that I have been writing - without taking a break - for the last 65 weeks in a row. It is one of the few things I am really genuinely proud of having accomplished in the... Continue Reading →

Love is love.

The Month of Love: Part 4/4 Parental Guidance: I have heard from some parents that their children love reading Womaning. As much as that makes my heart somersault with joy, I should warn parents that the posts of February 2022 deal with the subjects of love and sex and have strong language. So parents, please... Continue Reading →

An award and a break

I need to lie down. Hello ji, It has been a long week. The next piece I am working on deals with an issue that I do not have a lot of personal experience with. Which means, double the research, and ten times the scoping for stories. I spent a lot of time this week... Continue Reading →

Does infertility make you less of a man?

And what does that have to do with Womaning, anyway? Hello ji, Question for fellow Hindus - Do you have a pooja at home every Diwali? My family has only one tradition that has managed to survive the laziness of our generation - and that is Diwali pooja. Even as we switch from elaborate aartis (hymns) in a grand pooja-room, to... Continue Reading →

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