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Hello ji,

This week’s main piece “Love is Love” was the 65th edition of Womaning in India.

Which means that I have been writing – without taking a break – for the last 65 weeks in a row. It is one of the few things I am really genuinely proud of having accomplished in the pandemic.

One embarrassingly loud seeti for me, please.

bollywood | GIF | PrimoGIF

That said, I have also lately questioned how sustainable it is for me to keep going on like this.

I have been writing Womaning on top of keeping a full-time job, and a double full-time motherhood duty. If someone plotted my BP on Publishing Day over these 65 weeks, I’m afraid we would see some troubling numbers there.

To summarise, all good things must take a break. And, at this time, I think that I owe one to myself to recuperate and recharge.

Some suggested timepass while I am away

To pre-empt the barrage of horrified emails coming my way from all you kind sweet amazing readers, here are some ways in which we can stay connected while I take this pee break of a sabbatical:

  • Stay subscribed. I will be back soon enough, with more quality content, more creative subjects, and definitely more GIFs. So don’t touch that remote.
  • Those of you who subscribed at some point along the way, please do go back and read the posts from before you subscribed. Unfortunately for all of us, their relevance has not quite dwindled in the last 65 weeks.
  • Those of you who have been reading from the beginning – first of all, mwah! – and second, read, re-read, and share the pieces anyway whenever you miss me.
  • Over the next few weeks, I will be giving some talks about recognizing gender biases at some corporate and educational institutions that have invited me for speaking engagements. Do hit me up if you would like me to do such a dance at your shindig as well.
  • Psst. March 8th, International Women’s Day, is coming up – a great time to share some Womaning pieces with those who are as yet untouched by its magic. (I am not disciplined enough to take a full digital detox so tag me when you do, and I will retweet / share / bajao thaali on your posts.)

As always, you can also drop me a line at @mahimavashisht or @womaninginindia on Twitter whenever, and I promise to respond with my cheesiest GIFs.

Milte hain break ke baad / See you after the break!


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