HIMMF: Three Wishes

Thank you, Big Little Lies, for the introduction to Liane Moriarty. The witty and intelligent author who seems to have "layers to characters" as a recurring undercurrent across the stories she pens. Of course I base this on my giant sample set of 2 of her stories, but it is something I found to be... Continue Reading →


HIMMF: Big Little Lies

It is difficult to say anything new about a show that has already been written about by every Huffington Post writer worth their salt. Which is why I refrained from clicking on those articles about Big Little Lies like sexual harassment accuseds refrain from sincere apologies. It was the string of awards Big Little Lies... Continue Reading →

HIMMF: Phillauri

HIMMF is a new series of blogposts I am starting today. I have been struggling with the review format for a long time, feeling torn between my (usually) strong opinions on most of the content I consume - books, movies, TV shows, plays - and the knowledge that my opinion barely qualifies as amateur whining... Continue Reading →

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