Review: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Let me begin by apologizing for the panic I seem to have unleashed with my last post. It was genuinely just supposed to be an intro for all the reviews to follow, but quickly morphed into one of those "Look, my life is tough, give me sympathy" posts. And there is truly no lower form... Continue Reading →


To Babu or not to Babu

This piece was originally published on the website Gradstory in 2014, soon after the UPSC results for the year came out. Back then, I was a little under 2 years old in the civil services. Today, I am a little over a year old out of the civil services. I continue to work closely with the... Continue Reading →

The New Plan

Three long months, one writer’s block and many many discarded word docs later, another attempt at resurrection. Hoping that this one doesn’t bite the Recycle Bin dust. Articulation has something intricately to do with the clarity of thought. Trouble is, that can sometimes prove to be too much to ask of life.There's one thing I... Continue Reading →


Was just discussing with a friend the other day how we evidently seem one step too late with all our ideas. The day you feel you have landed on an idea for something you feel has never been done before, you realize someone did it last week. How is it that we are always a... Continue Reading →

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