Today, I cross a line

On Obstetric Violence, and why that term exists at all Trigger warning: Women with mental health issues like anxiety and postpartum depression should avoid reading this until they feel better Hello ji, As the topic suggests, I am going to cross a line today. A few lines, in fact. I cross a line between private... Continue Reading →

All the Single Ladies

Relatives, rentals, and man-repellants. Hello ji, Full disclosure relevant to this week's theme - I am married. I know. What a loss for men everywhere who wanted to hear about womaning day and night. But there was a time when I was single, and how. I come from a Punjabi family and, as Bollywood has... Continue Reading →

Review: Borat 2

The thing about Borat is that you either love him or hate him. If you have watched the original Borat film, skip this review. You are firmly entrenched in one of the two corners and nothing I am about to say will - or should - change your mind. For those unfamiliar with the franchise,... Continue Reading →

Review: Room

I have made a big show since I became a mom of telling anyone who recommends movies and books to me that I can no longer stomach dark thrillers the way I used to before I had my son. And then I go ahead and read Room (and watch Killing Eve), so you know that... Continue Reading →

Review: The Ickabog

This one is less of a review and more of a public notice. For who am I, mere mortal, to review a book written by God Herself. Fellow Potterheads, unite. JKR has written another children's book, and it is called The Ickabog. You can pretty much stop reading here because true Potterheads don't need any more... Continue Reading →

Double Review: Nanette and Douglas

This can be a one line review: Hannah Gadsby's comedy can change the world. If you have not heard about the phenomenon that she is, let me catch you up. Hannah (Can I call you Hannah? Imma call you Hannah.) was a little known stand-up comic from Tasmania. She had been known in Australian comedy... Continue Reading →

Review: Hundred

What would you do if you had Hundred days to live? As Maddy, aka Manohar Dahiya, the struggling rapper from Haryana puts it, "Agar sabko pata chal jaave k life ki gaddi mein kitna tel bacha hai, vahin jaavenge jahaan jana hai." (If everyone knew how long they were going to live, they'd do exactly... Continue Reading →

Review: Panchayat

I have been a Jeetu fan from his Munna Jazbaati days during the early TVF era, and it remains a perennial treat to watch him perform. With Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhaan, this incredible actor got a well-deserved break into mainstream Hindi cinema. Because let's face it, his body of work online has already made him the Amitabh... Continue Reading →

Review: Hasmukh

Vir Das is a comedian who - if you follow his work - you either completely love or completely hate. Especially over the last few years when he has gotten significantly into political humour, his comedy evokes extreme reactions. To be fair, even a cat video would evoke extreme reactions in these polarized times. (Is... Continue Reading →

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