Review: Splitting Up Together

Splitting Up Together is a story that begins where most end - a divorce. It is the story of a couple who agree that they cannot be together anymore, except that they also agree that they can neither afford a new house, nor want their three kids to grow up in a broken home. So... Continue Reading →


Review: Crazy Ex-girlfriend

Shout-out to Aadisht for this recommendation. And though it may have led to the discovery of my new favorite writer/singer/comedian, I still want to register my peeve with the man here. This show took up a good 30-something hours of my life, after which I discovered that my recommend-er had seen, like, two episodes of... Continue Reading →


Some movies move you. Some entertain you. Some, you forget within half a minute of walking out as the conversation turns to dinner plans or trying to remember where the car was parked. But it is a rare movie that makes you wonder what if your life had gone in another direction altogether. Could it... Continue Reading →

The High Road

Okay I am freezing as I type this so I am going to make it worth my while. And yours, dear angry-feedback reader at Bluber (cab service company name concealed for privacy). Your job must be tough enough without me dumping another poorly written poor review on you. And so, I am going to try to make it worth your while... Continue Reading →

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