Review: Untamed

#Untamed by @glennondoyle is the kind of book that makes you feel lucky it found you. I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman, a parent or not, single or married, divorced or widowed, working your dream job or still dreaming about your dream job – there WILL be a chapter of this book that will make you feel it was written only to you. That will make you feel like the author is climbing out of the book and grabbing you by the shoulders and shaking your soul awake. For me, it did this on every other chapter, but that’s just how badly I needed to hear what this book has to say.

Addiction, recovery, three children, one divorce, two marriages, loss, depression, anxiety, celebrity – Glennon Doyle has had an eventful life. And her raw honesty about all of the above makes her just my favourite kind of writer.

Please go order this book while I slip away to write a sappy long email to her which, given the amount of fanmail she receives, she’ll answer in a few decades. Maybe. Still worth it.

May be an image of book and text that says "Some @ vour heart. books shake you by the shoulders hile ntamed does both at the exaet same time: Wake up! Love YOU. Brené Brown untamed stop pleasing, start living glennon doyle #NewYorkTimeshestsellingauthor #1 New Times author"

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