What Women of Womaning Want

Happy Womaning Day!

Hello ji,

Last week was a tough read, na? Trust me, it was a tough write too.

So on public demand (as also in the interest of my own sanity), I have decided to keep it light this week.

Lucky me, International Women’s Day is upon us.

Or, as the world of consumerism likes to call it, International Women-Pandering Ad Campaign Day.

I was thinking about all the women-pandering that goes on around this time of the year. And how much of it is purely performative.


I recall Women’s Day, a few years back, when my office admin team decided that the best way to mark the occasion would be to have the bosses call a meeting of all women. I remember hoping that they would discuss some actual issues faced by women at the workplace at this meeting. I also remember laughing at my own naivety the moment this thought entered my head.

The agenda of the meeting, as it turned out, was to desecrate some flora with the hopes of keeping the village womenfolk happy for a year. We were each given a red rose by the bosses. Some chai-samosas were served. Some speeches were made about how great women are. And we all went on our way.

I remember wondering if it ever crossed anyone’s mind to, I don’t know, ask the women what they wanted for Women’s Day?

Maybe instead of wasting all these fragrant roses on us, we would have told them to do something about the faecal fragrance in the office bathrooms? The village womenfolk, no doubt, would have appreciated that grand gutter-al gesture a lot more.

So, this year, I’ve decided to let everyone know – well in advance – what the women of Womaning truly want for Women’s Day.

I polled almost all the women who have shared their stories thus far on this newsletter. Then, because they had already done most of the content writing for me this week, I wasted a significant amount of time designing cute little Womaning Day cards with these wishes.

Please feel free to share these cards with your loved ones. So they can #SaveTheRoses.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, What Womaning Women Want.

After toilets, we begin with another outlandish wish for the workplace.

Some demanding Womaniyas expect high standards from the public space like not wanting to be murdered and all.

Others just want you to know we’ve got eyes too.

And legs.

Some women got embarrassingly mushy and started telling me about their happening love lives.

Caution: A particularly demanding woman up ahead.

A significant outpouring of love came for aunties, uncles, society, and the world at large (which is basically aunties and uncles).

Something about keeping noses firmly where they belong.

Basically, these women just want what all the men have – wives.

And, finally, here is my favourite wish for the workplace.

And my favourite wish for the fam.

In the meantime, here is my wish for Womaning.

Happy Womaning Day, ladies ❤️


Happy to share that this Women’s Day, we are launching the social media presence of Womaning In India!

Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for bonus Women’s Day cards, and more!


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