Review: Splitting Up Together

Splitting Up Together is a story that begins where most end – a divorce. It is the story of a couple who agree that they cannot be together anymore, except that they also agree that they can neither afford a new house, nor want their three kids to grow up in a broken home. So Lena and Martin decide to co-habit and co-parent in the same house, moving between the “main house” and the garage on alternate weeks.
This comes with its ups and downs – some expected and some not so much. Being in close proximity means that they have to see each other go on dates and be in new relationships, it also means that they are around to really see what the other person is like, unburdened with bias and the expectations that are an unwelcome free gift with any marriage.
It is also the story of their three children – one of whom is a 7 year old so pretty much his entire personality is his cute mispronunciations. No complaints there. The eldest is a unique teenage boy in that he is not instantly hate-worthy. And my favorite is the middle child – the daughter – a young feminist who is not afraid to school her father about the inherent sexism in using “girly” traits as insults for his boys. I really like this character because who thought we were already at a point where having a feminist kid was a parenting issue? What a first world problem to have!
…is what I thought until I just thought of my own parents. So, yeah.
The show is only one Season old and the story arc has already reached the expected outcome of Lena and Martin rekindling their romance so I suppose it can only go downhill for them from here in the coming seasons. Not that I am losing any sleep over it, really. If you miss this one, you will survive, I promise.
On that happy note and high recommendation, the complete Season 1 of the show is streaming now on Amazon Prime. Watch it if you want a side of feel-good with your dinner. Paraphrasing Lena’s dad from the show, this divorce is happier than most marriages.

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