Review: Crazy Ex-girlfriend

Shout-out to Aadisht for this recommendation. And though it may have led to the discovery of my new favorite writer/singer/comedian, I still want to register my peeve with the man here. This show took up a good 30-something hours of my life, after which I discovered that my recommend-er had seen, like, two episodes of it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what in IIM Bangalore, would have been heralded as Chatur-level RG-giri. (Ask an IIMB convict near you for a sheepish explanation of what that means, today!) The mystery of Mr Khanna’s intentions in RGing me a decade too late notwithstanding, the man does have good taste.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a crazy good show, you guys. The plot summary is right there in the title – always a convenience I appreciate. (Who the hell knows what bad things they break in Breaking Bad? I, for one, cannot be bothered to find out)

This is the story, as the name suggests, of a girl who is still hung up on her ex-boy friend. She lets her promising career as a hot-shot New York lawyer take a backseat to move to a small town on the opposite end of America, chasing after her ex-boyfriend who barely knows she exists. And sets about trying to break his current relationship up, and to make him realize he still loves her (spoiler alert: he doesn’t.)

So far, so un-feminist, yeah?

You would be surprised. (I was)

Rachel Bloom, the creator of the show who also plays the crazy ex-girlfriend, is such a discovery. I am brimming with undeserved pride just at knowing about (a part of) her body of work. Crazy ex-girlfriend is a laugh riot, a feminist show, a show which deals with serious issues like mental health, and a musical to boot! This show is not for the light-hearted and the easily-offended. But that is a disclaimer you can pretty much apply to all my recommendations.

In summary, Aadisht Khanna should really finish watching this show (#RGtheRG). And Netflix India, gimme Season 3, I would happily devote 30 more hours of my life to this!


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