Why is TV so good?

Okay, so I have good news, bad news, better news and worse news.

The bad news is that I met with a road accident last month. The good news is that there are still good Samaritans walking Indian roads who will help a fallen scooterist up, and walk her and her dented scooter home. The better news is that it turned out, after bludgeoning through the Indian healthcare system, that I had not broken any bones and was largely still in one-piece, albeit with a bruised ego (women drivers, anyone?) and some bruised cartilage tissues.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-13 at 8.06.44 PM

But the worse news, and this is the worst, is that I was bed-ridden and working from home for a month after this.

I had been (with great self-congratulation) regularly gymming for the month preceding the accident. So the bed-sentence meant that all of that hard work was going to be nicely undone. The eternal optimist in me decided to make lemonade with this lemon, and I assured myself that I will watch what I ate as I served the sentence. What’s more, I will get a lot of reading and writing done in my bed-shaped prison. Like Gandhi, but with air conditioning.

Small issue was, I had to move back in with my parents in this time because, as it turns out, the husband and I are not as good at adulting as we might have fancied ourselves to be. Particularly with a pair of legs short around the house. And so, there we were, at my mum’s doorstep, seeking solace, shelter, and shameless room service in my case.

Let me state upfront that I cannot do justice to the amount of gratitude I feel for my mother for the last month. Of course, I should be grateful to her for the last all-of-my-life, but we all know that children are assholes.

Having said that, you should know that I am the proud owner of a Punjabi mother. And Punjabi mothers have famously kryptonytical effects on a diet plan. So obviously my commitment to healthy eating was all-too-happily sacrificed at the altar of my mum’s rajma chawal (which, wow, just made my mouth water even as I am typing this!)

So yeah, goodbye dieting and hello 5kg weight gain.

And so it was that the best-laid plans were laid to bedrest. Of course, my grand aspirations of churning out the world’s greatest literary masterpiece(s) during this time also went for a toss because WHY IS TV SO GOOD?

Ugh, I know, right?

To salvage what little is left of my already poor sense of self-worth, I will be sharing in this space, over the next few days, my rather pointless but colourful opinions of all the TV shows that I binge-watched under my own personal cloud of shame. Most of them are good shows, because why else would I waste my precious forced hostage situation on them? Some of them are not-so great because I am totally the kind of person who would waste time on bad shows.

The first one is coming up shortly. I only ask that you don’t judge me over the sheer number of reviews that will come up over the next few days. Be nice to the cripple, people.


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