Review: Hichki

Some movies move you. Some entertain you. Some, you forget within half a minute of walking out as the conversation turns to dinner plans or trying to remember where the car was parked. But it is a rare movie that makes you wonder what if your life had gone in another direction altogether. Could it still?

When I watched Swades, I felt like moving to a village and working at the grassroots for a community’s development.

When I watched Julie and Julia, I embarked on a doomed daily-blogging challenge.

When I watch any Ranbir Kapoor movie, I feel inspired to become a hot, confused, unemployed millennial with the unexplained budget to travel around Europe in search for purpose. Somehow, purpose is always found in shiny Western European countries. Namibia and Nigeria are waiting, Ranbir.

Hichki is one of those rare movies that truly make you think, “What if?”


If you’ve seen the trailer, you already know that Rani Mukherji plays a character who has Tourette’s syndrome in the movie.

But the movie is so much more than a story of a disorder or a disability. It is, at its core, a story of teachers who leave an indelible mark on their students. A story, also, of students’ unconditional love and loyalty towards such teachers. It is also the story of children from the two different worlds, put together in the petridish of an elite school, thanks to RTE. It is also a story set against the backdrop of the everyday struggles of children of divorce, and parents of the differently-abled. Tourette’s ultimately plays little more than a supporting role in the story of the protagonist, Naina.

Watch Hichki for the powerful return of one of my favorite actors, Rani Mukherji (let us all pretend that Dil Bole Hadippa never happened, I’m sure Ms Mukherji will be grateful if we did). Watch it for the brilliant rapper son of a vegetable vendor. Watch it for baby Naina who will break your heart when she stuffs toilet paper in her mouth to control her Tourette’s, which she believes is breaking her parents’ already broken marriage. Watch it for Khan sir, the quintessential hero of a teacher we’ve all had at least once in our lives. Watch it for Wadia sir, because every school needs an evil, scheming Science teacher to unite the backbenchers. 90s kids, we can’t all travel Europe with mysterious sources of income like these millennial fellows, but watch it for the return of our favourite Tu Tu Main Main couple, Sachin and Supriya (please tell me I’m not the only one excited about this!)

Most of all, watch it for the favourite teacher who changed your life. And for what could’ve been if you had become a teacher. Could you still?


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