Review: Three Wishes

Thank you, Big Little Lies, for the introduction to Liane Moriarty. The witty and intelligent author who seems to have “layers to characters” as a recurring undercurrent across the stories she pens. Of course I base this on my giant sample set of 2 of her stories, but it is something I found to be in common and appreciated nonetheless. 

Three wishes is the story of three Aussie triplets, Cat, Lyn and Gemma, their shared family, their diverse problems, and their unique personalities. All three are smart women in their 30s, going through very different phases of life despite having begun their lives from the same starting line. Mental health, domestic abuse, divorce, babies, miscarriages, childbirth, entrepreneurship, singlehood, marriage, career – you name it and the book seems to encapsulate the challenge of it beautifully through the stories of the triplets. If nothing else, every married man must read this to see the incredible number and variety of thoughts women have going in in their heads at a time. Apologies for feeding the stereotypes, but men, you might find it educational to figure out how many sediments of childhood experiences, moods, thinking ahead and baggage go into simple sentences your women utter. My only complaint with Ms Moriarty, if I had to find one, would be that all characters in her novels seem to be jaw-droppingly rich, naturally good-looking and rather effortlessly successful at their jobs – wouldn’t hurt to find some characters fighting battles in those departments too. The struggle is real.

Oh well, two stories down, four more Moriarty novels to go. The next few flights look promising already!


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