Review: Artemis

What a thing of beauty it is when you can pick up a book and, without reading it’s jacket or even it’s name, march confidently to the cash counter solely based on the name of the author. After The Martian – another solid entry into The Book Was Better Than The Movie Hall of Fame – Andy Weir became one such name for me. 

Artemis did not disappoint. It is often with trepidation that I approach a story with a female protagonist, written by a man. However, Jazz, the heroine of Artemis, turned out to be the coolest, smartest, cockiest, funniest, and geekiest women character since #Hermione. Much like the central character of The Martian, Jazz often thinks quickly on her feet to narrowly evade Death By Space; she always plans one step ahead of you so she keeps you guessing; and, my personal favorite trait, she comes up with comebacks you didn’t see coming. 

Read Artemis if you are a space buff, if you wonder if Mr Musk is going to make it possible for you to leave Planet Earth in this lifetime, if every flight you take gives you pause about human ingenuity and makes you wonder where it’ll all lead to, or if you just enjoy reading smart and smartalec characters. Personally, I could not have started the freezing 2018 swaddled in my quilt with a better book.


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