Not to tempt fate or anything…

To-do list for a Sunday afternoon:

  • Wake up at lunch time. Check.
  • Watch some God-awful TV. (And here I mean stuff that would make zombies out of living beings, kill these zombies faster than a head shot, and then bring the dead back to life. Still not the Kardashians though. What sort of lowlife do you think I am? Sheesh!) Check.
  • Read a book lying in a posture particularly bad for your spine. Check.
  • Make plans to go out for a run. But don’t. Check.
  • Take 4 naps. Check.
  • Apply enough oil in your hair to deep fry a shipment of McDonald’s fries. Check.
  • Sit all over the house in different sofas, chairs, and beds, leaving trails of said oil on them. All the time, proclaiming plans of a bath sometime in the near future. Check.
  • Do not take said bath until your mom literally locks you up in the bathroom. Check.
Ah, the many joys of a live well-lived. Happy Sunday, y’all!

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