Day (minus)7: Just, don’t.

Supplies are running short. The pungent polish fumes make me hallucinate that Gati has delivered my suitcases. But no sign of rescue. The horizon is a deep dark hue of mauve Dulux paint.

If you’re ever moving, do not move into a house that is ALSO moving. Take it from someone who was dumb enough to do that. You will sink in the sea of cartons. Pretty soon, you will not be able to tell your cartons from theirs. And then, your shit from theirs. (Figuratively speaking, of course. Lets not open that door right now.)

And then imagine, having to separate the solvents and move again in a week. Terrible business, just terrible. It will make you suicidal. A raging manic depressive, like yours truly right now. Don’t do it.

It may seem elementary enough. Stupid, even, this advice. But apparently Macaulay’s school education system, a graduate degree in engineering, and a post-graduation in management do not collectively prepare one’s faculties for decisions such as these. So just thought I’d mention it.

Issued in public interest: Don’t be me.

Stunts performed by Professional Idiots.
Do not try this at home.

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