Day (minus)8: Furniture shopping with the folks

Did you know how many types of wood are used in making furniture? Did you know the kinds of polishes they can be disguised under? And how many layers thereof? And then the quality of cushioning – elastic or spring or fibre or foam?

And the fun part is – there is no way for a layperson to discern which is which in a finished product.

The furniture business is seeming like a more and more lucrative career avenue.

We live in a world spoilt with choices. And it is coloring our identities – one layer of lacquer at a time.

Just 3 days with a work-in-progress home decor and I heard myself say this to a furniture-dude yesterday, “We want a Queen size bed, not a King size. And make it with one side-table – not two. Give two drawers in the side-table, and please show me the designs beforehand. And make it low-rise. And keep a skirting around it. Make it with double storage and two half-sized mattresses. No shells on the headboard. Use xyz pattern. But make the polish a shade darker than the one in the pattern.”

I don’t know who I am anymore.

You see a beautiful home?
I see an L-shaped sofa, a low-side-table, a puffy without armrest,
an entertainment unit with drawers, a storage unit,
a low-hanging lamp, and white sunmica wall hangings.

I’m ruined for life. Save yourselves.


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