Day (minus)19: To pack or not to pack, that is the question.

There are defining moments in every man and woman’s life – when they must make a choice. Getting out of bed on a public holiday to begin a task as Herculean as packing off one’s entire apartment is one such choice. Add to that the extra cheese on the side that is my life’s Chef’s special – no Appointment Letter from a future employer, nor the blessings of the current – and you have a story worthy of a David Dhawan movie.

I can almost see it now. Govinda, the idealistic small town boy in a big city, hears rumours that he got a job he oh-so-wanted. Wide-eyed, and new to the ways of the cruel world, he shoots off a notice to his landlord, quits his job, and gets a-packing – all without any sign of confirmation of said new job. True Story.

I call it Bureaucrat No.1. Well, the title’s a work-in-progress. But you get the gist.

You would also appreciate, by now, what a feat I accomplished today by all-too-knowingly taking this leap. Well, the leap out of bed, at least.

And so, the packing began. It didn’t end. At all. And so I sat down to write this, as I’d promised myself. This, by far, HAS to be the messiest surrounding I have ever written in:

In other news, Nagpur, here I come.


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