Day (minus)20: To Julie and Meryl

It is the eve of our Independence Day here, in India. It seemsasfortituous a time as any to start writing my account of the (mis?)adventure I am set to embarkupon inthemonths to come. I am at a friend’s place for a night of dvd-soaked passion. At the end of our first movie of the night (we watched Julie and Julia and she just vowed to open a restaurant of her own someday. Google, remind me to check up on something in 2022), she declared herself incapacitated by slumber. A mark of age, one maybe forgiven for thinking. Until one sets their eye upon me – the friend so helpless in the face of her age-induced insomnia that she decides to undertake a blog-writing project at 2am at someone else’s place. 

It feels like a night for vows. So here’s mine: As stupid and insipid as the thought in my head may seem, i vow to write everyday, till the aforementioned adventure goes on. And well past, inshallah! More on that later. For now, i had more pressing (literally) concerns at hand (literally).
There is no dearth of electronic devices in this very 21st century flat that i am crashing for the night. The trouble is to find one i canuse without inspiring eviction from the largely asleep household. My eyes fall on their non-password protected ipad, lying innocently in a corner of their hall – much like myself.
The trouble with a touchscreen device is that it serves as yet another reminder of age creeping up my sorry self. I can barely work the controls, let alonetype on this beast (as the space-bar-sensitive reader may well have noticed by now). I still remember how it frustrated me when my grandpa putsteelware in the oven despite my repeated reminders, over a decade ago. Well, guess who’s the latest on the senile market?
Just for laughs, i am going to let this be my first unedited post on the blog.
As Meryl Streep says, “Bon Appetit!”


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