Most of us probably agree that Facebook is a much treasured abode of stupidity. A harmless, meaningless, time-killing stupidity for the larger part of it. On most days, I indulge in it when the firewall allows. Even relish it. Its fun, we have to grant Zuckerberg credit for that much.

But this, I had to speak up against.

Last year, around the same time, you may recall a spate of status messages put up by your lady friends (possibly, including you) with nothing but a color on it. We all know by now, what it was. This year too, men are understandably puzzled by “I like it on the…” status messages. ‘Likes’ galore. As do comments with question marks (from the males) and knowing winks (from the females). I received my share of emails with my girl friends letting me in on the latest secret. Its that time of the year again. Girls are basking in the glory of their new found furtive thread.

So far, so good. If you want to titillate your male friends, be my guest. Hell, be their guest too, I’ll bet. Flash the colors of your bras and where you like to keep your handbag at home on your status messages all you want. (Yes, I spilled the beans. Shoot me.) But don’t, please don’t, give it the name of Breast Cancer Awareness month to make yourselves feel better about it.

How many of us know the first thing about breast cancer? Do you know anyone who has lost a mother or a wife or a sister to breast cancer? Do you know how painful it is – for the patient and their family? Do you know if there is a cure? Do you even know the symptoms? Forget everything else – if you, God forbid, developed it someday, would you even be able to detect it in your own body in time?

My answer to some of those questions is a ‘no’. If yours is too, then lets celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. This October, Google breast cancer. Find out more about it. Ask your family doctor. Tell your friends. Look up some organization that works for it and donate a hundred rupees to them.

But, ladies, I beg of you, please don’t continue falling prey to such shameless marketing gimmicks. (I don’t even know who starts these things. And what they stand to gain by it!)

Those of you who had the honesty and courage to read this with an open mind may be thinking how you never looked at it this way. A number of friends on my facebook account are women whom I know to be intelligent, responsible, sensitive people. Many of them also participated in this as a harmless prank. I am sure none of them meant any disrespect or harm. If you participated in it too, I am sure you didn’t either. Which is exactly why I felt it necessary to share this alternate point of view.

For the record, I am no killjoy. Far from it. Ask my friends. They are all over facebook – just like me! I am just someone who believes that we should be ready to own responsibility for the fun we have. And its implications. Right?


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  1. @Mukta: Thanks.. Yeah I did post a link on FB. You didn't see it? Access to theek hai na? ;)@Prasad: Ugh. My sympathies. Can't imagine how much that would have hurt you.


  2. One of your best posts. Dunno how I missed this post earlier, I guess the title mislead me… But your sentiments appreciated.. Finally someone in my friend's list made some sense :)Varun Reddy.


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