Was just discussing with a friend the other day how we evidently seem one step too late with all our ideas. The day you feel you have landed on an idea for something you feel has never been done before, you realize someone did it last week. How is it that we are always a week, a month, an idea too late? Then it dawned on me that may be that is the way it is for idea generator. May be people rarely strike gold on their first try anyway. May be the ones that got there before us had had scores of ideas a breath too far behind others. Or may be it is just an indication that the gap is bridging. And we see it only now because its only now that we are close enough to see it. Which is definitely a good thing. And reason enough to thump the backs of the ones among us who got there first this time round, they must have had their fair share of setbacks and the fact that they still made it alone is big enough a feat.

So here’s congratulating the ones who got there ahead of me this time, bloggers turned newly-published-authors, Sidin Vadukut and Arnab ‘Greatbong’ Ray. I’ve enjoyed reading their blogs for a while now, have purchased one book already (and NOT from a traffic signal, which is saying something for an Indian’s mode of purchase!) and am looking forward to stealing my friend’s copy of the other. Well, I never said I have a halo or anything.

Dork and May I Hebb your Attention Pliss. Catch them.


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