“’s really the wand that chooses the wizard, of course.”, thus spake Mr Ollivander, of the Rowling books fame. A self-confessed Potter fanatic, I admittedly, once upon a time, force-fit Potter ideas to every aspect of life (more often than not, a perfect fit, mind you!). But then, I thought I overgrew it.

After years today, I wonder if this one applies everywhere. Ever noticed how your creative side only rears its much awaited head when you can least afford it? Let me try to explain. I enjoy writing. Whether I am any good at it is a debate for another day. But I enjoy it, period. There are times when I have the time to pursue it and there are times when I don’t. Now, in the former times, I have tried sitting in front of my laptop, coffee mug in one hand, the other resting on the keyboard, sleeves rolled up to write the crap out of the English language, only to end up three hours later, admiring the rich cobweb growth in my head.
Then there are the latter times, times like right now. With two swords of grievous deadlines hanging on my neck on the work side and one unavoidable engagement this weekend on the personal front, I should be busy as can be. I am. But then comes this thought, buzzing in my head, like nobody’s business. And I have to open yet another window apart from the 47 ppts and the 63 word docs I’m in the middle of anyway (yeah, got to admire the comp’s processing prowess!) and write it down.
True, an idea to write about an idea to write about is a sort of a recursive loop. But it’s a beautiful one at that – one I could never have managed after days of brain torturing. Its like the idea chooses to come to me and it can never be the other way round. That ever happened to you?

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  1. My first time reading your blog. Don't think there's anything to debate about the "Whether I am any good at it" part :)Completely agree with your hypothesis as well.


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