Everything’s Amazing. And nobody’s happy.

I was just watching this video – an interview on The Tonight Show where this American comedian, Louis CK tells host Conan O’ Brien how the most wonderful age of all times, the present, has been wasted on, what he calls, the ‘crappiest’ generation ever.

Take a look:


Much as I hate to admit it, the guy has got a point. He really made me think of all the things I take for granted. How I sit in my 2 bedroom apartment on the 11th floor of a high rise building donning my pricey Lee Cooper jeans, in the priciest city of the country, with an education people would kill for and a job I admittedly don’t hate and, yet, cry over droplets of spilt milk in life (figuratively, of course!).

The more I think about Happiness, that elusive commodity, the more it intrigues me. Its fascinating how we attribute and attach it to so many external factors beyond our control, yet how self-procurable it can be – if only we try.

Just the other day, I had lunch with a friend and, infamous as I am for my knack for losing things, managed to leave my handbag behind. When I realized later (a full hour, no less) that I was missing my voter’s id, my PAN card, a couple of ATM cards among other noticeable and forgotten belongings, we sprinted back to the restaurant, my heart pounding in my throat. Miraculously, found my handbag safe with the blessed security. The rush I got from the realization set me thinking, “How is it that I am merely returned to the same past state in terms of material belongings, yet I am much happier than before?” The bounties we enjoy, and never come to appreciate! Or, for that matter, even acknowledge.

I guess what I am trying to remind myself (and you) of is simply the need to appreciate the small things in life – the need to take time out, on the race track of everyday life, to smell the roses along the way.


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