And what a brick it is…

I have seen the hero in him,
I behold the silent greatness within.
He’s just another member of the clan,
He’s your common Indian man.

I see the difference he can make,
The Herculean challenges he can face.
He’s just another face in the crowd,
His goodness never fails to leave me wowed.

His small acts everyday renew my faith,
In humanity and in its power great.
He’s just another drop in the vast ocean,
As he kickstarts his Bajaj and drives through life’s motions.

Infiniteness of the skies, Benevolence of the earth,
He holds them all behind his pinstriped shirt.
He’s just another speck of the heavenly stardust,
To him, he’s merely doing what he must.

He frets as he oils his thinning gray hair,
His name, yet features, in someone’s Thank-You prayers.
He’s just another brick in the wall,
His smallness leaves me feeling small.


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