Here’s to working weekends

This is my first love ballad – a dedication to my Compaq office laptop. The unabashed plagiarism may be attributed to the subject of the piece – my glaring work-life imbalance.

Here I am

This is me

I can think of a million places on Earth I’d rather be.

Oh, here I am.

Just me and you.

And now I make another report on you.

It’s the same world, it’s the same fart,

And it stinks of the decay of young hearts,

Yet another day, and the same sham,

I’m waiting for a weekend

Here I am

Here we are – we’ve just begun

And after all this time – our time has come

Yeah here we are – dying to go home

And a Saturday night was never so glum

Chorus (X1)

Here I am – this is me

There’s a million places on earth I’d rather be

Here I am – just me and you

And tonight I make another PPT on you

Chorus (X2)

Here I am – next to you

And the ways to escape are precious few

Here I am – where I’m gonna stay

Now there’s nothin left – no life and no Sundays

Here I am.

Oh, here I am.

Thanks, my darling, for being with me through thick and thicker. Your batteries overheat and you switch off in the middle of my work and I lose data. I often feel like flinging you across the room and, more often than that, I request them to change you for a better one. But that doesn’t change the fact that I love you with all that is left of my heart.


7 thoughts on “Here’s to working weekends

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  1. LOL. back in college, we used to name our servers by names. Names varied from ‘greek gods’ to ‘bollywood actresses’. And well, when your employer gives you a work laptop that you can take back home, he simply means that you are required to work more than 8hrs a day 😛


  2. hey u cant be tht busy if u stil get time 2 write blogs :Pjokes apart…this realy sums up my life as well these days.i remember how i used 2 pray that i grow up fast and now i cant help wonder why?


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