How Facebook makes megalomaniacs of us.. a.k.a. 25 Things

1. I am addicted to writing. My blog is one of my most prized possessions. For ages I lamented not having a ‘passion’. The day I discovered that this was it was one of the happiest days of my life. (That makes applications such as this one perfect for me!).

2. I LOVE dogs and I cannot stress it enough. I think I like them better than humans (and I am not talking about any individuals, I mean it as a species!) 😛

3. I am and always will be in love with my engineering college and all the memories that go with it. Its been two years yet I sometimes catch myself spending hours reminiscing, looking at college yearbooks, photographs and my magazines from college.

4. I ride bikes, play computer games like Quake, Mortal Kombat and Unreal Tournament. A close friend thinks God was planning to make me a guy but changed his mind at the last moment. Smart decision, I say! 😀

5. My friends say I have a good sense of humor but it’s the PJs (or ‘zehers’ as we called them in NITK) that can make me gag on my food.

6. … which reminds me I have sprayed water from my mouth on the face of the person standing in front of me twice so far. You should NEVER crack a joke (poor or otherwise) when I am eating or drinking something within earshot (particularly in projectile range)!

7. As you might have noticed by now, my writings are ALWAYS accompanied by crazy footnotes in brackets. (It’s a disease, really!)

8. My Life’s philosophies are so simple they surprise even me – ‘Its all for the best’, ‘Good things always happen to good people’. Its almost like a part of me is still in kindergarten. And I kinda like it that way.

9. And while we are at the age thing, I absolutely LOVE being the youngest person in the room! (One reason I adore my MBA batchmates – most of them are cute li’l oldies.) 😀

10. I dream of starting a magazine of my own someday. Once I went really crazy thinking about it and even drew up a Business Plan. I have already signed up 3 friends to join me aboard this castle in the air. It’s a thought that keeps me going when I’m lost.

11. Water is my favorite element of nature (a request here to my fellow PJ Kings and Queens to not point out it is chemically a compound). Whenever I am disturbed, any form of contact with water soothes me. A bath is a compromise I can live with, a walk by a river or a beach is heaven.

12. I simply detest the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question posed in interviews. I have cleared many a life-altering interviews with various versions of answers to this, but it still scares the crap out of me. My answers to the Strengths-and-weaknesses question, meanwhile, change every half an hour.

13. I find it very embarrassing and have been even known to turn crimson when people praise me (even though I am secretly glowing!). But I can absolutely never do it on my own, and typically see myself as some shreds of positives floating in a sea of negatives – another reason why I suck at Interviews. 😐
Apparently self-esteem is an area I need to work on. 😛

14. I trip or slip or ‘almost fall’ everyday and on some days, I am lucky enough to drive the task to completion. My clumsiness is of an international scale. I have the proud distinction of having been hospitalized even during my briefest stint in Germany. (God bless insurance!)

15. Nothing gets me as excited as a real intellectual argument and I just never give up when in the middle of one. I am admittedly a real pain in the ass when I debate. Somehow the male species bears the larger brunt of this habit of mine and the more experienced ones have realized by now that challenging me to a debate is a pointless exercise (though that could also be because I am always right). 😀

16. My room is forever a mess. I have had hostelmates shoot photographs of my room as memorabilia. (One friend actually used to come see my room periodically just to make herself feel better about hers!) But I am freakishly fussy about keeping the outside surroundings clean, I will carry a banana peel in my pocket for hours till I find a bin just to avoid throwing it on the road. It’s a contradiction friends have endlessly pulled my leg about. 😛

17. I hate the word ‘networking’- I feel it insults the word friendship with its transactional connotation.

18. I am a surfing and chatting addict. (The ever-so-omnipresent smileys are an unintentional by product). 24 hours of net in the room is one of the things I blame for my academic downfall at IIMB!

19. Someone recently made me realize I am a control freak. My eyes have the vice of going directly to the mistake in a piece of work. I don’t know how I missed it all these years but delegation is definitely not one of my biggest strengths. (and sadly it just struck me that I could have used that answer for my interview!) 😦

20. I hate getting out of my bed on winter mornings (who doesn’t, right?). I am sleepier just after I get up than just before I sleep. I am nocturnal and I have no idea how I am going to manage the normal human lifestyle ahead of me.

21. Though I really don’t see myself as vain, I thoroughly enjoy my own company. (The next best alternative so far has been my bro, though I concede that may again be because of the genetic similarity to me) I talk to myself a LOT. Sometimes you can catch me smiling to myself or even mumbling a bit – its downright creepy!

22. I think my Life is quite interesting and would make for a good sitcom – I see it as an eternal series of crisis situations. I am so accident-prone two friends have INDEPENDENTLY given me the name ‘Mayhema’ in the past.

23. I like the shadiest of songs with the most meaningless of lyrics. Random, wild imagination and lateral thinking are probably among the things that attract me the most. Small wonder then that ‘Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy’ is one of my favorite books – it is just so irresistibly pointless!

24. Though I never show it, it breaks my heart if nothing special happens on my birthday every year. I guess it’s the 8 year old thing all over again.

25. I ran into a wall after 16 points. The ones after that were forced just to reach this check point.. which probably negates my tall claims in #1. 😛


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  1. Suggestions for you next post: How Facebook notes make copy-paste artists of great writers, and maximises the use of a good set of words!


  2. Hey! It ain’t a crime if it ain’t plagiarism! :)Look at it this way: There’s a limit to how many people you can tag on FB. And though the number of my blog visitors may be far less, at least its a free medium. This is for the greater common good! 😉


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